Pay off your
Consumer Proposal right away.

Get your credit rating back sooner.


Don’t let your credit rating suffer for years while you slowly pay off your Consumer Proposal. Pay it out in full with the Encore Credit Recovery Loan – and start rehabilitating your credit rating right away. 


Start rebuilding your credit rating 5 years sooner.

After your Consumer Proposal is accepted, your credit rating is in pretty bad shape. You can’t begin to rehabilitate it until you pay your Proposal off – 5 years being the standard payment term.

Rehabbing credit takes time. It’s about accessing new lines of credit and making every monthly payment. That establishes a new pattern of credit worthiness. Miss a payment and your credit score takes a big leap in the wrong direction.

Do something about it!

Having a poor credit rating hurts you in many ways:

Your access to credit is extremely limited.
You can’t get a mortgage.
You pay more for insurance.
You pay more for lots of things.

It raises a flag to anyone who does a credit check, something landlords and employers now routinely do.