The Encore Credit team brings a high degree of expertise in insolvency and finance. It was this perspective that allowed us to see the need for the Recovery Loan.


Jeff Garrad
President & CEO


Russ Mounsey
Business Development


Stewart Parkinson


Doug Brown
Marketing & Communications


Bill Snell
Advisor to the Board


Our Culture

The partners in Encore Credit understand the insolvency business.


We have seen first-hand the devastating effect debt has on people in our communities. Many have stable jobs, income and assets, but due to a variety of circumstances have found themselves unable to meet their commitments and have had to seek creditor protection through a Consumer Proposal, with many resorting to Bankruptcy. The impact on their credit rating and their lives is profound.

Credit is an essential element of life in Canada. Having poor credit impacts the ability of individuals and families to participate in many day to day activities and limits their ability to be a productive, positive influence in their community.

That spurred us to start Encore Credit and help these responsible Canadians rehabilitate their lost credit rating sooner so they can get their finances and their lives back on track.

Creating social benefit is at the heart of our business and what we stand for as an organization.

  • We stand for helping insolvent Canadians regain their lost credit rating faster.

  • We stand for improving the financial literacy of our clients.

  • We stand for working with ethical funding partners who value the financial health of their community members.

At Encore Credit, we aim to make a difference. By providing Consumer Proposal loans, we help good Canadians rehabilitate their credit rating sooner. By emphasizing financial literacy, we help them protect themselves from future financial crisis.